M. A. Stirnaman is a speculative-fiction author and screenwriter. He resides in Orlando with his superstar wife and two hyper-troublesome dogs. His work has been published in Potluck Magazine and Sci-Phi Journal. When not writing, he can be found cheering for his favorite hockey team or watching horrible movies.

The Sting is Temporary

We all get rejected. That girl in fourth grade that wasn’t impressed by the size of your Cheetos-colored loogie. The retail manager that didn’t even finish listening to your idea of improving morale by getting rid of the customers. The publisher that gently neglected to share your hard work.

That last one hurts in its own special way.

Some of the pieces that I write that have either been rejected so many times that I’ve moved on, or pieces that I wrote just for fun will be posted here.

If you want to read things that you have a better chance of liking, head over to my published work page.

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